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# To see the Events# Stay informed with the headlines and China regional stories with videos. Get the latest news from the trusted global network of journalists, including breaking news, military, finance and economics, entertainment and Phoenix TV, all divided into clear sections. This app now includes a fully integrated browser, all videos can be viewed online and offline for free.Now catch you up-hands-free with the latest updates, live and more. A visual angle brings you a greater personalization and better overall performance.Key features:- Push the latest stories in visual. Go deeper into analysis of events only need a thumb on notifications.- Find topics that interested you quickly. Tap the searching bar you can find related content in a second.- Improved offline experience. Download documentaries when using Wi-Fi then you can replay them at your leisure.- Share breaking news to your social networks. Be the first to know what happens.- Reserved shows in Live channel. Personalize alerts when you’re on the go, keep you from missing out whatever matters you.
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